02/18/2014 - Duplicate Alerts

CPOE Medication Duplicate Alert Settings Change
Effective 03/02/2015
(approved by MEC 02/03/2015)

Duplicate medication alerts will no longer popup when submitting orders in Paragon. Prescribers will no longer receive and alert when ordering two of the same medications or two medications within the same therapeutic class.

Previously duplicate alerts required an overrride reason to be entered:


The only way to view duplicate alerts will be to click on the Rx Alerts button within the CPOE Order Queue. A window will open to display all alerts:

A small triangle icon  will appear temporarily next to the medication that was ordered. This is only visible until the pharmacy has processed the order (medication is in "Add Pending" status).

Duplicate therapy alerts will appear in pharmacy. For duplicate therapy alerts that require clarification before the order can be processed, pharmacy will send an Order Clarification.



11/12/2014 - Paragon Upgrade

To view a sample ED Summary report click here


10/09/2014 - Coumadin Order Changes

  • Warfarin (Coumadin) Initiation 
  • Warfarin (Coumadin) Adjustment

NOTE: Warfarin can still be initiated through the paper order set MD175 available in MedEx. For assistance call the Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service at 601-397-1407.


10/01/2014 - Changes for IP admissions from the ED !

  • Any med or treatment to be performed while the patient is in ED must have a priority of ONCE and STAT.
  •  ED RNs will be using Paragon Med Admin.  Therefore the IP MAR will also reflect meds given in the ED.
  • Please place the order, "ED Admission Order" to notify Registration and Bed Board to process the IP admission.  This is in addition to your routine admission orders.




09/25/2014 - Clinical Decision Support Rules Engine MU Stage 2 Requirement: The rules engine monitors patient data and alerts clinicians when the patient meets certain criteria, either on his Action List or during Discharge Med Reconciliation. For a list of rules and screenshots of interaction windows, click here


09/08/2014 - No More Paper Med Reconciliations! All med reconciliations should be performed electronically. Learn how to complete the enhanced Paragon Med Reconciliation! click here


08/12/2014 - New Multi-orders Sign Off tab! Joint Commission mandates that all verbal and telephone orders be signed within 48 hours. Unsigned orders can be found under the Action list and/or the Orders Sign-Off tabs. For more information click here






News and Information

Paragon Version 13 Status Update (02/10/2015)
The latest news on the upgrade to version 13 and the new Clinician Hub

  • Conducted first round of integrated testing
  • Ongoing unit testing of new functionality
  • Preparing web based training for physicians
  • Go live date to be determined


 Click here to view screenshots of Paragon Clinician Hub 


Quick Tips and Tricks

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