08/27/2015 - NEW Link for Viewing Telemetry Monitors

Hospital telemetry equipment has been upgraded to new wireless GE devices. To view telemetry monitors in real time from WSP, click the URLs tab and click link 01 TELEMETRY (GE).

The Critical Care areas still utilize the Phillips monitoring equipment and can be viewed as before using option 02 CRITICAL CARE MONITORS (Phillips).


08/24/2015 - Physician Documentation Alert:

Webstation for Physicians (WSP) is recycled nightly at 2 a.m. During this time it will kick you out of WSP, and if you are using physician documentation it may cause you to lose any unsaved work.

If you are doing a phys doc note after 1:45 a.m. please be sure to save frequently until after the 2 a.m. recycling is complete to avoid losing any data.


08/24/2015 - Mmodal Tips:

1. Always use the ORANGE Webstation for Physicians - Mmodal icon when you want to use speech recognition to dictate into Paragon. The orange icon has a connector between Mmodal and Paragon that helps improve recognition. If you use the black WSP icon and try to dictate the speech recognition will not be as accurate.

 2. If you are still having recognition issues then it might be helpful to recalibrate your microphone.

Click on your name->Microphone Setup->Calibrate

 3. If you are having difficulty getting Mmodal to recognize your commands/macros, use the f3 button on the speech microphone. This is a command only button, so it only listens for Mmodal commands.



Order Sets Changes:

    Effective 09/14:

  • Neurology Intracranial Hemorrhage
  • Neurology Ischemic Stroke/TIA
  • Neurology Post-TPA Administration


    Effective 09/02:

  • Cardiology ACS/MI Discharge
  • Cardiology CHF Discharge
  • Cardiology Post Cath Outpatient
  • Thoracic Surgery Thoracoscopy


    Effective 08/27:

  • Bariatric General Admission
  • Bariatric Roux-en-y & Gastric Sleeve Post Op
  • Bariatric Roux-en-y & Gastric Sleeve POD1
  • Bariatric Lap Band Post Op
  • Neurology Ischemic Stroke
  • Neurology Intracranial Hemorrhage
  • Neurology Post t-PA Administration
  • Bronchoscopy Pre Op
  • Bronchoscopy Post Op


If you saved any of the above Order sets in your CPOE Favorites you will have to remove the obsoleted ones, do a search and save again to your Favorites.


Quick Tips and Tricks

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