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All Baptist network passwords expire beginning Dec 1
Two Steps to take NOW to avoid getting locked out!

1.   Enroll in the Self-Service Password Portal
2.   Change Your Network Password

Enroll in the Self-Service Password Portal

 The Self-service Password Portal allows you to change your network password or reset your locked account from Carenet, without having to call the Help Desk. Use your network login to access the portal and set up your security questions.

From Carenet, locate the button in the lower-left corner:


Click on I Want To Update My Security Question or Contact Information. When prompted, login with your Network User Name and Password.


To set up security questions click “click here”:

Select your questions and enter your answers and click on the Enroll button:

You will receive the following confirmation:

In the future you can reset forgotten passwords or unlock your account using the Self-service portal by successfully answering your questions.

NOTE: The self-service portal can only be accessed through Carenet, which is only available to on-campus workstations. If you are off-campus and cannot get into your account, you will still have to call the Help Desk.

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Change Your Network Password

Click the Change Password tab.

Enter your current password as the old password.  Enter your new password twice. Your new password must adhere to the new network password requirements defined on the page.  Click OK to save.

Once successfully saved, begin using your new network password.  Your password will expire 90 days after you change it. 

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08/27/2015 - NEW Link for Viewing Telemetry Monitors

Hospital telemetry equipment has been upgraded to new wireless GE devices. To view telemetry monitors in real time from WSP, click the URLs tab and click link 01 TELEMETRY (GE).

The Critical Care areas still utilize the Phillips monitoring equipment and can be viewed as before using option 02 CRITICAL CARE MONITORS (Phillips).


08/24/2015 - Physician Documentation Alert:

Webstation for Physicians (WSP) is recycled nightly at 2 a.m. During this time it will kick you out of WSP, and if you are using physician documentation it may cause you to lose any unsaved work.

If you are doing a phys doc note after 1:45 a.m. please be sure to save frequently until after the 2 a.m. recycling is complete to avoid losing any data.


08/24/2015 - Mmodal Tips:

1. Always use the ORANGE Webstation for Physicians - Mmodal icon when you want to use speech recognition to dictate into Paragon. The orange icon has a connector between Mmodal and Paragon that helps improve recognition. If you use the black WSP icon and try to dictate the speech recognition will not be as accurate.

 2. If you are still having recognition issues then it might be helpful to recalibrate your microphone.

Click on your name->Microphone Setup->Calibrate


 3. If you are having difficulty getting Mmodal to recognize your commands/macros, use the f3 button on the speech microphone. This is a command only button, so it only listens for Mmodal commands.


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