System News & Information

New Password Requirements & the Self-Service Portal

New, more complex network passwords are now required to be changed every 90 days. Avoid getting locked out! Enroll in the Self-Service Password Portal . For more information click here

Documentation Changes

Pharmacokinetics (PKS), Anticoagulation, Diabetes Management and Nutrition Support notes are now created electronically using physdoc and can be viewed under the Documentation tab in WSP.  They are no longer placed on the paper chart, nor will they appear in WSP under the Clinical Assess tab.

Physdoc & mModal Tips

1. Avoid losing physdoc documentation by making a habit of clicking SAVE frequently while documenting. All users are kicked out of WSP nightly at 2:00 AM when the system recycles. Any time you are kicked out of the system any portions of the document that have not been saved are lost.

2. Always use the ORANGE Webstation for Physicians - Mmodal icon when you want to use speech recognition to dictate into Paragon. The orange icon has a connector between Mmodal and Paragon that helps improve recognition. If you use the black Webstation for Physicians icon and try to dictate the speech recognition will not be as accurate.

3. If you are still having recognition issues then it might be helpful to recalibrate your microphone. Click on your name->Microphone Setup->Calibrate.

4. If you are having difficulty getting Mmodal to recognize your commands/macros, use the f3 button on the speech microphone. This is a command only button, so it only listens for Mmodal commands.