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Lab Procedures

RA or RF Latex Test See LAB206
Rabies Antibody Titer LAB651
Random Donor Platelets See PLC.3
Rapamune See LAB875.1
Rapamycin See LAB875.2
Rapid Flu Test See LAB2409
Rapid HIV Test LAB4853
Rast Test for Egg Whites See LAB588
RAST Test for Egg Yolks See LAB589
Rast Test for Latex See LAB2035
RBC Sedimentation Rate See LAB322.1
Red Cell CD55 & CD59 Expression ULS
Reducing Substances, Stool LAB442
Reflexive TSH See LAB4398.1
Renal Function Panel LAB19
Renin Level LAB532
Reptilase Time REPT
Respiratory Allergy Profile, Region VI See LAB2050
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Antigen Testing LAB1307
Reticulocyte Count LAB296
Rh Phenotype LAB2956
Rheumatoid Factor, Body Fluid LAB652
Rheumatoid Factor, Serum LAB206
Rhogam Evaluation LAB2972
Ri Neuronal Nuclear Antibody See LAB2507.4
Rickettsial Antibody Panel RICQU
Risperdal See LAB2577
Risperidone LAB2577
Ristocetin, Quantitative LAB335
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Antibodies RMABS
ROMI Profile (Rule Out MI) ROMIP
Rotavirus Antigen by EIA LAB2816
RPR with Reflex to Titer LAB2583
Rubella Antibodies RUBAB
Rubella IgG Antibody, Quantitative LAB496
Rubella IgM Antibody LAB865