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Lab Procedures

N-Acetylprocainamide (NAPA) See Procain
Nebcin, Peak Level See LAB36
Nebcin, Random Level See LAB37
Nebcin, Trough Level See LAB38
Neisseria gonorrhoeae by DNA Probe See LAB2883
Neisseria Meningitides Antigens, Latex Agg See LAB5868.5
Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) Autoantibody See LAB2487
Neuron Specific Endolase LAB2488
Neuronal Nuclear Antibodies See LAB2507.2
Neurontin LAB470
Neutrophil Function, Oxidative Burst LAB2489
Nicotine and Cotinine, Urine LAB2731
Nicotine and Metabolites, Serum or Plasma LAB2493
N-Methylhistamine, Urine LAB5418
No Fixative Required Specimens for Path See SP NFS.1
Norepinephrine, Plasma LAB5947
Norovirus, EIA, Stool See LAB2790
Norovirus, PCR LAB2790
Norpace See DISOP
Nortriptyline See LAB807
NP or Nasopharyngeal Culture, Routine See LAB900.1
N-Telopeptide See LAB816
Nutrition Profile NUT