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Lab Procedures

C difficile Toxin A See LAB2810.1
C difficile Toxin B See LAB2810.2
C1 Esterase Inhibitor Activity See LAB769
C1 Esterase Inhibitor Autoantibody LAB8128
C1 Esterase Inhibitor Protein, Quantitative LAB850
C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Functional LAB769
C1 Inhibitor Protein Quantitation See LAB850
C1q Binding See LAB2171
CA 15-3 LAB776
CA 19-9 LAB777
CA 27.29 LAB853
CA-125 LAB155
Cadasil Sequencing LAB5679
Cadasil Sequencing - Consent/Patient Forms LAB5679 Form
Cadmium, Blood LAB2179
Cadmium, Random or 24-Hour Urine CDU
Caffeine, Serum CAF
Calciferol Calciferol
Calcitonin LAB519
Calcium, Blood or Body Fluid LAB53
Calcium, Ionized LAB54
Calcium, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB371
Calprotectin, Stool LAB2758
C-ANCA See LAB2555
Carbamazepine, Total LAB21
Carboxyhemoglobin Carb Hem
Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG, IgM) CARGM
Cardiolipin Antibody Panel LAB4042
Carnitine LAB815
Carotene LAB702
Cat Scratch Disease Antibodies See LAB785.2
Catecholamines, Fractionated or Free See LAB373.1
Catecholamines, Plasma LAB963
Catecholamines, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB373
Cathartic Laxative Stool Survey LAXST
CBC or Complete Blood Count with Diff LAB293
CBC or Complete Blood Count without Diff LAB294
CD4 Panel with Absolute CD4 Count LAB2188
CD55 & CD59 Red Cell Expression ULS
CEA or Carcinoembryonic Antigen LAB57
CEA, Pancreatic Cyst Fluid LAB5489
Celiac Disease Antibody Panel CELAB
Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel LAB6003
Celiac Genetics LAB2190
Celiac Plus to Prometheus Labs
Cell Count, CSF or Cerebrospinal Fluid See LAB212.1
Cell Count, Misc Body Fluids LAB210
Cellular Immune Panel See LAB2404.1
Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell Count See LAB212.2
Ceruloplasmin LAB703
CH50 See LAB154
Chitotriosidase CHITO
Chlamydia and GC by DNA Probe LAB1376
Chlamydia by DNA Probe LAB260
Chlamydia Group Antibody by IFA See LAB5942
Chlamydia Trachomatis Antigen CHL DIRECT
Chlamydia/Chlamydophila Antibody Panel LAB5942
Chlamydia/N Gonorrhoeae RNA (AEL) LAB1376.1
Chlamydophila Pneumoniae DNA, Qual PCR LAB1328
Chloride, Blood or Body Fluid LAB59
Chloride, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB374
Chlorpromazine THO
Cholesterol, Blood or Body Fluid LAB60
Cholinesterase (STAT to UMC) PSEUD
Cholinesterase, RBC LAB966
Cholinesterase, RBC and Plasma CHR/P
Chromium, Serum LAB967
Chromium, Whole Blood LAB5943
Chromogranin A LAB2196
Chromosome Analysis, Blood LAB2198
Citrate, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB377
Clean Catch Urine Collection for Females
Clean Catch Urine Collection for Males
Clomipramine See Anafranil
Clonazepam LAB466
Clonopin See LAB466
Closdridium Difficile Cytotoxin Ab Neut LAB2165
Clostridium difficile Molecular Toxin Assay LAB2978
Clostridium difficile Panel LAB2810
Clostridium difficile Toxin A & B See LAB2810.3
Clotting Factor Assays, General Instructions CFA GI
Clotting or Coagulation Factor VIII Assay See LAB306
Clozapine LAB2207
CMP or Comprehensive Metabolic Panel LAB17
CMV Culture See LAB255.1
CMV DNA Quantitative PCR LAB913
CMV DNA, Qualitative RT PCR See LAB2762
CMV or Cytomegalovirus Antigen, Urine UCMV
CMV Or Cytomegalovirus IgG Antibody LAB467
CMV or Cytomegalovirus IgM Antibody LAB861
CO2, Blood or Body Fluid LAB55
Coagulation Screening for WSC See WSCCO
Coagulogram LAB5876
Cobalt, Plasma or Serum LAB1020
Cocaine Confirmation Test by GCMS LAB2683
Coccidioides Antibodies by Comp Fixation LAB791
Coccidioides Antibodies by Immunodiffusion LAB2209
Cold Agglutinins Titer LAB2210
Collagen Cross-Linked NTX, Urine LAB816
Complement Component 1q LAB2172
Complement Component 2 LAB153
Complement Component 3 LAB152
Complement Component 4 LAB151
Complement Component 5 LAB2174
Complement Component 6 LAB2175
Complement Fixation, Fungi CF, Fungi
Complement, Total or CH50 LAB154
Confirmation Test for Cocaine by GCMS See LAB2683
Copper LAB817
Copper, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB2926
Cord Blood ABO/RH & Coombs Workup LAB892
Corticotropin See LAB511
Cortisol, AM Specimen LAB4064
Cortisol, PM Specimen LAB4065
Cortisol, Random Specimen LAB61
Cortisol, Saliva LAB4066
Cortisol, Serum (Free) LAB520
Cortisol, Urine (Free) LAB382
Cortrosyn (Cortisol) Stimulation Test LAB2231
Corynebacterium diphtheriae Culture See C Diphth.1
Cosyntropin Stimulation Test See LAB2231
COVID-19 IgG Antibody - Quest COV19IGG
COVID-19 Molecular Assay - MBMC See LAB6244
COVID-19 PCR Assay - AEL - High Risk LAB6222
COVID-19 RNA Probe (Rapid Test) LAB6229
COVID-19 Specimen/Shipping Guide, MSDH COVID19SSG
COVID-19 Test Requisition, MSDH COVID19TRM
COVID-19 Total Antibody - MBMC See LAB6233
Coxsackie A Virus (Types 2,4,7,9,10,16) LAB2233
Coxsackie B Virus (Types 1 - 6) CXBS
Coxsackie Virus, Types A & B Coxsackie A/B
C-Peptide Serum LAB521
CPK Isoenzymes LAB2203
CPK, Blood or Body Fluid LAB62
Creatinine Clearance LAB2949
Creatinine, 24- or 12-Hour Urine LAB712
Creatinine, Blood or Body Fluid LAB66
Creatinine, Random Urine LAB384
Creutzfeldt-Jakob 14-3-3 Protein LAB2235
Creutzfeldt-Jakob 14-3-3 Protein - Form LAB2235 Form
CRP or C-Reactive Protein LAB149
CRP or C-Reactive Protein, Highly Sensitiv LAB2169
Cryofibrinogen Screen LAB569
Cryoglobulin Screen LAB713
Cryoglobulin, Qualitative with Reflex to IFE LAB6000
Cryoprecipitate See CRY
Cryptococcal Antigen, CSF LAB2981
Cryptococcal Antigen, Serum LAB2981.1
Cryptosporidium Antigen by DFA LAB2927
Crystal Identification LAB940
CSF or Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell Count LAB212
CSF or Cerebrospinal Fluid Culture See LAB268.1
Culture: Abscess or Wound LAB503
Culture: Acid Fast Bacilli LAB877
Culture: Anaerobic LAB233
Culture: Ascites or Peritoneal Fluids LAB503.1
Culture: Atypical Pneumonia See LAB243.2
Culture: Blood with ARD, Adult Patients See LAB462.2
Culture: Blood, Adult Patients See LAB462.1
Culture: Bordetella Pertussis LAB2828
Culture: Chlamydia Trachomatis LAB244
Culture: CMV or Cytomegalovirus LAB255
Culture: CSF or Cerebrospinal Fluid LAB268
Culture: E coli 0157:H7 LAB2840
Culture: Fungus LAB240
Culture: Genital LAB465
Culture: Genital for GC Only LAB1382
Culture: Group B Streptococcus Only LAB2838
Culture: Helicobacter pylori + Susceptibility C HPC
Culture: HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus, Reflex LAB946
Culture: HSV/VZV by Rapid Culture Method CXHVZ
Culture: Joint Fluids LAB503.2
Culture: Legionella LAB902
Culture: Mycoplasma Pneumoniae See LAB261
Culture: NP or Nasopharyngeal LAB900
Culture: Pleural Fluid LAB503.3
Culture: Single Organism, Bacteria LAB5882
Culture: Single Organism, Mold LAB5883
Culture: Single Organism, Yeast LAB5884
Culture: Skin LAB503.4
Culture: Sputum LAB900.1
Culture: Stool LAB223
Culture: Throat LAB228
Culture: Ureaplasma and/or Mycoplasma LAB944
Culture: Urine LAB239
Culture: Virus, Body Fluids & Tissues LAB2845
Culture: Virus, Respiratory LAB2945
Culture: Wound See LAB503.3
Cyanide LAB972
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide, IgG (CCP) LAB851
Cyclosporine (AEL) LAB874
Cyclosporines Sent to UMC CLCUM
Cystatin C LAB2238
Cystic Fibrosis Screen LAB2239
Cystine, Random or 24-Hour Urine LAB387
Cytology: Bladder Washes and Urines LAB5833.BWU
Cytology: Body Cavity Flds, BW/BAL & CSF LAB5833.BCF
Cytology: Breast or Nipple Discharge LAB5833.BND
Cytology: Bronch, GI, Urinary Tract Brushes LAB5833.BGU
Cytology: Consult Form Completion - Gyn Cyto Form GYN
Cytology: Consult Form Completion - NonGyn Cyto Form NGYN
Cytology: Corneal or Conjunctival Scrapings LAB5833.CCS
Cytology: Cyst Fluids LAB5833.CYF
Cytology: Female Genital Tract (Pap Test) LAB5834
Cytology: Fine & Wang Needle Aspirates LAB5879
Cytology: Flow Cytometry, CSF & Body Fluids Cyto Flow
Cytology: Flow, Molecular & Other Ref Testing Cyto Ref
Cytology: High Risk HPV See HPE67
Cytology: Specimen Acceptance Criteria Cyto Acc Cr
Cytology: Specimen Rejection Criteria Cyto Reject
Cytology: Sputum LAB5833.SPU
Cytology: Tzanck or Mucosal Scrapings LAB5833.TMS
Cytomegalovirus Culture See LAB255.2
Cytomegalovirus IgG Avidity CMVGA
Cytomegalovirus, DNA Qual Real Time PCR LAB2762